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We are still open for business in COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the pandemic, this year seems to be very hard for all the businesses. This is a hard time to survive in the market. People are afraid of COVID-19 disease. During this pandemic, many of our customer’s restaurants were closed or were only on takeaways and deliveries because of the restrictions imposed by the government and fear among people regarding COVID-19. Because of this situation, all the restaurants were having fewer customers, and our canopy cleaning business depended on restaurants, so we also had a hard time.

Yet we are operating our business with all covid safety measures. We are still providing such services as canopy cleaning melbourne, exhaust fan cleaning, kitchen duct cleaning and filter exchange service at a reasonable price.

Canopy Cleaner Provide Best Service Around Melbourne Area

We are following all the safety measures to protect our team as well as our clients. All our equipment is sanitized every day. Our team members wear surgical masks and gloves during work. We also record our team members’ body temperature twice a day, and suggest them to stay at home and rest if the body temperature is high. Our team members are frequently using hand sanitizer and wash their hands at regular intervals. We also keep records of all team members where they worked and when (place and time). All these safety measures protect us and our clients from corona virus. Because of all these measures, we were able to provide our services during the pandemic.

We are thankful to our clients, team members and government for supporting us in this pandemic.

If you have any enquiry related to canopy cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning, duct cleaning and filter exchange service. Please contact us on 0424 393 792.

We are happy to provide our services with safety.